Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whew...We have been BUSY!!!!!!!!

It has been a while since I have posted, so this one will have quite a few pictures. We have been busy wrapping up another school year and enjoying Miss Em.
Em got some mosquito or ant bites and she was wanting to scratch them. I thought that I could put my socks on her arms and legs and prevent scabs :) It worked for a while---even through a nap, but eventually the socks no longer worked and there were scabs :( We got Em a magna-doodle b/c she LOVES to draw. I thought it was cute that she sprawled out on her belly to sketch some beautiful pictures.
We went to a birthday party at Little Gym last weekend for Leah. Leah's mommy and I work together at NES. It was the perfect setting for kiddos of all ages and Em had a great time. She was waiting in line to go though the bands. I think she was coming up with her stategy when this picture was taken :)
Ahhhhhh....this is what she thought up. Crawl below both the bands!
She definitely loved the cupcake!!! Mmmmmmm....
Travis surprised me Monday with bikes and a bike trailer. We live in the perfect neighborhood for bikes---tons of trails, side walks, and parks near. I was thrilled and encouraged T to put the trailer together so that I could take it for a test run. I kept doing circles in our culdesac. I am sure I looked goofy--especially b/c I was NOT wearing bike riding clothes or shoes!!!
Emma was a little concerned about the helmet at first, but after we let her play with it for a couple of minutes she warmed up to the idea. Now---only after a week, she climbs into her seat and asks for her "hat".
T's school had a health fair today and we went. They had a bounce house and Emma had fun!!!

After Emma's nap, we decided to go on a bike ride---a long one :) Our house backs up to a hike and bike trail. This trail winds through parks and beautiful and serene scenery. One of the parks that it passes is Brushy Creek Lake Park. This park has a sprinkler park. We usually drive b/c it is too far to walk, but I thought we could bike it....hmmmmm, I am pretty sure that I will not be doing that ride daily :) Em had the best seat and enjoyed every minute of our hour round trip ride to the park!
She was unsure about all the water and the kiddos when she got there, but quickly got comfortable and forgot about Travis.
Splish, Splash!!!!
Em was waiting for the sprinkler to come back on.
Soooooooooo much fun!!!!

I love this picture b/c she looks like she is having such a great time!

Getting ready for the ride home!!! I was dreading the 2 big hills that were soooo lovely to coast down as we were leaving our neighboohood.
I think all three of us had a great time, but T and I think it is yucky that we have a hill leaving our neighborhood and 2 hills coming back home. My face was pretty red and my legs were like jelly. I am SURE that I will be sore tomorrow. If I keep this up, my legs will look great by the end of the summer!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad Behavior, BBQ, and Bob

This is what I found when I went to get Em up from her nap this afternoon. I am sure that I have encouraged this diaper pulling to happen again b/c I grabbed the camera, yelled for T, kept asking Em to look at the camera. Thank goodness it was not a poopy diaper!!!!!!!!!
Diaper on the ground, diaper on the ground...lookin' like a fool with your diaper on the ground :)

This afternoon we headed to the 3rd Annual Brushy Creek BBQ Cook Off. It was a couple of miles from our house, T's dad was competing, and Bob Schneider was putting on a free concert...sounds like the perfect way to spend our Saturday afternoon!!!! Davin, Camie, and Mia joined us for some fun in the sun!
Em and Mia enjoying themselves. Somebody came by and mentioned that they looked alike and Mia said, "Well, we ARE cousins." Duh!

T's dad, cousin Mark, and T as T's dad is cutting up the brisket to be judged.

Ahhhhhh......the moment I had been waiting for. Those of you that know me well know that I LOVE Bob Schneider. I have been a fan for about 10 years and so when I found out that he was going to be coming to my 'hood I was THRILLED!!!

T's dad worked out a deal to get us a photo op after the show. T's eyes are closed, but this is the only picture that they took. I have had the pleasure of meeting Bob before---I even have a signed CD--- "To Anjie, LOVE Bob" :) The picture is a nice addition to my collection.

Em was a trooper and was fantastic until we left. You could tell that she was sleepy, but she hung in there.

Em loved meeting this little pup!!!

T's dad and his clan won the People's Choice award and walked away with almost $2,400. Congrats!!! I have to say, their brisket was pretty yummy!!!
The Motal's are looking forward to next year's Brushy Creek BBQ adventure!