Monday, March 30, 2009

Hodge-Podge of Pics

I got Em an outfit that I thought was pretty cute, it just happened to have a hat---I had to take a picture :) I have also decided that it is just not practical for her to wear a hat right now unless it has elastic or ties under her chin.

I LOVE, LOVE this picture. She looks sooo sweet and innocent! Check out those baby blues!!!

PAR!!! Trav and I went golfing on Sunday. I really enjoyed myself. I always think I am going to be a better golfer than I actually am. I would really like to be good at golf b/c I think it is impressive to be able to get such a small such a tiny hole...with a stick. I did not do poorly, but I do not think Trav is going to give up his golfing time with his buddies so that I can become his permanent partner. I will say that there were a couple of times where it took me fewer strokes to get the ball in the hole--although if you asked Trav he would probably say it was not so :)

My parents were brave enough to take on both girls on Saturday. T and I met my sister and her husband for a night on the town to celebrate my sister's birthday. Mia absolutely loves Emma and does a great job helping keep Em entertained.
I attented a baby shower for my friend Suzanne who is having a little boy this summer. All of us have known each other since middle school and have kept in touch over the years. It was so much fun to get to celebrate with Suzanne and catch up with the girls!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Emma got her first taste of rice cereal yesterday. She seemed to really like it and got the hang of it quickly. Time is flying by!

Travis feeding Emma G. There were many times where she looked like a baby bird, reaching her neck out to meet the spoon. Overall, Em was a pretty neat eater--I really was expecting the cereal to be over everything!

Emma eating rice cereal. She was very vocal...I am sure she was just trying to tell us how delicious it was :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break: Hard Work, Visitors, and Relaxation

This week was our Spring Break. We now only have 3 days left, but I have enjoyed the much needed break to regroup and get some work done on the house. So...we put the house our house on the market the week before SB and got an offer the day next day. We had been frantic about cleaning, decluttering, and fixing things with the house in hopes for a quick sell. I guess our hard work paid off :) The inspection was on Wednesday. The buyer has not yet contacted us with his list of repairs---it is either REALLY long or nothing needs to be fixed :) We are hoping for #2. Yes...That is a toothbrush beside T. He was scrubbing baseboards in preparation for putting the house on the market a couple of weeks ago. I was joking with him that he looked like cinderella.

One of my college roommates came down for a visit on St. Patty's day. She was in Waco visiting her in-laws and decided to take the 1+ hour trip down to say hello. Her 3 kiddos came down with her--this was fantastic because I have not seen Westin (her oldest-5th grade) since our wedding, I have not seen Keeley (middle-4 years old) since she was a couple of months old, and I have never met Lily Kate (5 1/2 months). Emma and Lily are about a month apart so I was excited to see their interactions with each other. We had lunch at Chuy's and were able to visit. Trav and Westin were able to throw the football and play with Bodhi while the girls chatted some more. I loved being able to hang out with Jen for the afternoon. We really should do it more often!!! Thanks for making the drive down!!!
Em checking her email :)
Emma has really started enjoying bedtime stories. We have been reading the same 4 or 5 books to her and she is starting to smile when she sees them. I love watching her lean back and just relax as we read. I hope that she will love books as much as I do!!!

Hmmmm...I have realized---from the last couple of pictures---that I need to encourage Trav to get behind the camera more. I see a "moment" and run and grab the camera. I do not think Trav thinks that way! Hopefully we will see more Mommy/Emma pics in the future :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Home Sweet be

Trav and I are relocating :) We have decided to take advantage of this horrible housing market and dive right in the middle of it! We are selling our house (for nothing) and getting the house we want for much less than the owner wants to sell it---I guess it is a pretty good trade off :) We are staying in Round Rock and moving into the Stone Canyon neighborhood. It is such a family friendly neighborhood with 8 parks, a pool, and a hike and bike trail. I drove by the house last Friday (it was a BEAUTIFUL spring day) and there were tons of families out walking and riding bikes, adults running, kiddos playing in the yards. It is exactly what I want for Emma!!! So...the inspection was on Tuesday and there were no "deal breakers" found. We can lock our loan next week and we have the closing set for April 24th. We are SOOOOOOO excited.

We will be looking for hard workers and SUVs on the weekend of April 24th...any volunteers?

The house backs up the the greenbelt--huge plus. The previous owners installed a gate and cleared brush and landscaped the greenbelt about 20 feet out. It makes for a really cute and spacious addition to our backyard. The hike and bike trail is below the greenbelt (the houses are on a hill), so this area is really pretty private.

My FAVORITE part of this house is the extended back patio!!! I cannot wait to sit out there in the summer with a glass of chardonnay, looking out onto the green space and relaxing!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Girl :)

Length--26.25 inches long (97th percentile)
Weight--16 lbs. 15 oz (95th percentile)
Emma will be bigger than Lela before we know it :)
Videos of Emma talking and rolling over are coming soon!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

4 Months Old

Emma was 4 months old on Thursday. She is turning into a little person who interacts with us all of the time. Her smile makes me laugh and her giggles make me laugh harder. Em is such a happy baby. She is able to lift her head up for long periods and look around the room when she is on her tummy. She is constantly trying to sit forward in her bouncer, carseat or in our laps. She has not started rolling over yet, but I do not feel like it is too far off. I get tickled when I go into her room in the morning and realize that she has done a 180 in her crib. At first I thought that I was going crazy and that I must have laid her down wrong when it was time for bed, then I witnessed the kicking and wiggling as she made her move :) She still has very little hair, but much more than she had when she was born (see picture below). She is drooling a lot and is chomping down on anything she can find---her hands being the most available item---we are wondering when we will see little white buds coming from her gums. We go to the doctor this week for a check up and her 2nd round of shots. Hopefully all will go well. I am anxious to get an official weight and height.
Trav and Emma having quite the conversation.
Daddy's Little Girl
Em and I after her bath.
Ok...I put this picture in here because it made me laugh. I was getting anxious to start clipping bows in Em's hair. The problem is that the only hair on Emma's head that is long enough for bows is at the base. I first said that I was going to make a pony tail, then things quickly spiraled out of control and before I could stop myself, Emma had 3 hair bows clipped in. I am willing to bet that Emma will not be going out in public like this anytime soon :)