Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall into Fall?!?!

I called my mom at about 7:20 Friday morning. I could tell that something was wrong and when I asked, her voice cracked and she told me that my grandmother (my dad's mom) had fallen a little after 7am and was on her way to the hospital via ambulance. She had very little information. I decided I was going to call in sick to work, drop off Em at her sitter's house, and meet my mom at the emergency room.

We encouraged my grandma to get an emergency necklace after my grandpa died in case she fell or needed immediate help. She was wearing her necklace and because she did not respond, the ambulance was called. We did not think she would need the necklace sooooo soon, but were very thankful that she had it!!! She would have been laying with a broken hip until somebody found her...which may have been quite a while ;(

In the emergency room, Grandma got confirmation that she broke her hip, but all in all I was surprised that she was in such good spirits. We knew she was going to have surgery and were hoping she would get in early that afternoon, but she had complications getting her anti clotting medicine reversed and had to wait till this morning. At 7am this morning, she was whisked away to the OR. I was in her room when she got back around 9:30 and she was in great spirits again!!! The surgeon put 3 screws in her hip instead of a replacement and he said that it could not have gone more smoothly. The first thing she asked about was if she could brush her teeth and her hair. This made me laugh...priorities ;) She also ordered oatmeal and fresh fruit. I was a bit concerned about letting her eat so soon after surgery, but she ate it right up without any problems.

What a trooper!!! She has been amazingly strong and positive over the last 2 days and has had sense of humor intact the entire time!!!

The surgeon was pretty honest in saying that the next 3-6 months are going to be REALLY rough, but we are thankful for a pretty smooth start to this journey.

Emma got to visit GiGi at the hospital. I had explained to her that GiGi broke her hip, but the doctors were able to fix it, but that GiGi had to rest in bed for a while. When we got to the hospital, she saw some women leaving the hospital in scrubs. She asked us if they were doctors and we told her yes. She said,"thank you!" to the doctors. When we asked her why she told them thanks, she said "because they fixed Gigi's hip!" Priceless and soooo sweet!!!
We love you GiGi and wish you the speediest of recoveries!!!