Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas #3 with the Pattons

We had Christmas with my family on December 27th. It was a lot of fun to have everybody together and to watch the kiddos play!

Charlie is one lucky guy to be loved by two sweet, sweet girls!!!

Gigi and Charlie

Emma and Mia put on a puppet show.

Lela and Charlie...he sure was getting lots of loving on the 27th!!!

This Christmas tree is covered with so many childhood ornaments...many of which are made by Camie and I. It is fun to look at the ornaments and reminisce.

Emma was wearing the same outfit that Mia had worn 3 years earlier. I had requested a similar pose of Mia when she wore it to show off her "bear bottom" tights. Emma was happy to show off her bear, also :)

Mia got a Fur Real Pet kitten.

Emma got the puppy. He is a lot of fun!

Emma also got a sweet baby doll...which she named Flowerly. Where do they come up with this suff????

Chef Emma...Thanks, Gigi!!!

Cam and Charlie...more lovin' :)

Kung Fu craziness in front of the Christmas Tree :)

Ah....that's better! What a great picture of these girls!

Christmas Morning 2011

There was a lot of excitement Christmas morning!!!

Emma found a note that Santa had left her thanking her for the milk and cookies. This is what Em found on her bedroom door. Santa wanted to make sure that Emma did not sneak out while he was delivering gifts. Emma decided that she could crawl under the "gate".

Silly Santa! Her reaction to seeing the bike and teddy bear was priceless!!!

We waited until my parents got here to eat breakfast and open the rest of Emma's gifts. She was very patient!

Look at that face upon seeing Snow White, one of the Disney princess dolls.

She ended up getting Tiana (from Princess and the Frog) and Snow White for Christmas. Ariel invited them over for a tea party :)

Bodhi had the best seat in the house...toasty warm in front of the fire.

We hope you had a VERY Merry Christmas with your family and friends!!!

Prepping for Santa's Visit

We had so much fun this year prepping for Santa's visit! I will give fair warning now...this post is full of pictures :)

We waited until Christmas Eve to make cookies...just in time for Santa!

We waited until after Emma's nap to decorate the cookies...hence the naked child :)

Emma enjoying her freshly decorated cookie.

We also decided to do a tour of lights on Christmas Eve. It was a rainy, COLD night, but Emma still loved looking at the lights and pointing out all the things that we should do to our house. Just liked the way it turned out! This street has lights draped over the streed and most houses are pretty festively decorated. Always a fun treat during Christmas!

Our view from our rain dropped windows.

After we got home, it was time to put on the Christmas jammies and get ready for bed. Such an exciting night!!!

Annual Christmas Eve picture in front of the tree.

Getting the cookies and milk ready for the Big Guy!

Travis and I set out her Santa requests...a bike and a teddy bear. Our Santa gifts stay unwrapped...thank goodness!!!

Looks like Santa is enjoying his cookies and milk!!! :)

Since it was rainy, we decided to put muddy footprints by the fireplace this year. Trav had a great time walking out in the mud and stamping his boots on the tile!


M Cubed

Emma and I took a quick trip to Houston to visit with Mike, Molly, and Makenzie Mauldin. We last saw Mike and Molly this summer when little Miss Makenzie was still in her mama's belly. Emma and I were thrilled to meet Makenzie and I was excited to catch up with dear friends! Thanks for being such wonderful hosts, Mike and Molly! Emma really enjoyed playing with Makenzie.

Look at those lips! She is such a sweet girl!!!


Can't wait until our next visit!!!

Christmas Card 2011

Christmas Tree 2011
Christmas Card 2011

Christmas #1 with the Motals

We had a wonderful time at Trav's parents' house for our 1st Christmas celebration. Emma LOVES flashlights and was soooooo lucky to get 3 flashlights and a light stick from her grandparents! What a perfect gift for our little girl!
Grandma and Emma looking at the giant look and find book.

Emma hammering away on her toolbox :)

Trav giving Emma a tool lesson :)

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Emma enjoyed playing outside on the swing set.

Riding on the tractor with Grandpa.

Having a great time!

Emma and her Daddy

The Motals

Grandpa, Emma, Travis, Grandma and Uncle Brad

Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!