Saturday, May 30, 2009

There she goes!!!

Em enjoys looking outside the window. She has just gotten stable enough to stand on her own (with something to support herself).
PARENTING 101 (the nonexample)
T and I have been extremely busy on the weekends getting things checked off our "to do" list for the house. I was busy doing something and T was getting Em's dinner ready. Trav wanted to keep Em occupied for a couple of minutes b/c she was unusually fussy. He thought he would put on Kung Fu Panda and see if Em would be entertained. She LOVED it and sat there mesmerized and relaxing in her excersaucer. We do not make a habit of sitting Em in front of the TV, but we know it will work if we need it in a pinch.

Emma has been watching us eat food lately and looks longingly at whatever we are putting in our mouth. I guess mushed carrots do not even come close to a hamburger :) I was eating peach popsicle and wanted to see Em's reaction to the cold and the taste of something other than her bland food choices. She seemed to enjoy it and was not fazed by the cold.

Emma has gotten better and better at moving around. Her latest method move forward has been knee scoots and lunges. She is trying to get to the laptop which has a video on it with a gingerbread man. He dances and sings and she really likes it and slaps her thighs and squeals for more when it is finished.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture Perfect

My friend Karin came by this weekend to take Emma's 6 month pics. Emma was not as smiley as she usually is because she was very distracted and interested in everything around her.

Check out the cute pics on Karin's website:

  • click on clients
  • password for gallery1: Emma6mo
  • password for gallery2: Emma6mo2

Also...just for fun, check out the gallery (newborn and 3 mo) as a reminder to see how Emma has grown over the last 6 months.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Creepy Crawler with a Tooth

Emma is no longer toothless and is MUCH more mobile than she was a week ago---How quickly things happen in the life of a babe :)

This morning, during my morning gum check, I felt a little rough spot. Upon closer examination, I realized that what I was feeling was Em's first tooth. I can't see anything yet, but you can definitely feel it poking through. Emma is not real cooperative when I am trying to take a peek into her little mouth--she either starts to suck on my finger that is prying open her jaws or she yanks her head away. We will post a pic when we capture the lone pearly white on film.

Emma is also on the move. She is very quick as she maneuvers 360 degrees and can scoot backwards like nobody's business. This morning she was on the concrete floors sliding backwards so quickly just like it was a normal way to travel :) She has started pushing up onto her knees, but cannot quite figure out what to do when she is up there. There has been some rocking back and forth and some lunges, but no real crawling yet. I am anxiously anticipating her first move and watch her closely keeping the camera near.

Now what do I do with my hands?!??

This crawling thing is hard work!!! I give up!!

Maybe it is not soooo bad after all :)

Newest food on Emma's Plate: Avacado...mmmmmmmm

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seis Meses on Cinco de Mayo

Happy 1/2 Birthday Emma G!!!!
Emma is celebrating her 1/2 birthday today! She is almost 19 lbs and 27 inches long. I have had soooooo much fun getting to know Emma over the last 6 months and I am looking forward to many more 1/2 birthdays in the future!!!
Emma will be crawling before we know it! She is moving around in a circle with ease and has been pushing herself backwards. She is starting to work her legs, but has not moved forward yet. Our lives sure will be different when she reaches this milestone!!!

Emma has found her feet. I guess she knew that they were there for a while, but she now has the skills to grab on to her toes. She loves pulling her feet up, grabbing her toes, then slamming her feet back down. She REALLY loves doing this in the bathtub to make a big splash. It is like watching a whale slap its tail--this has made our bathtime a bit more exciting and wet!!
I got the OK from Dr. Millar today to feed Emma some veggies. He said to pick one orange, one yellow, and one green veggie and introduce them one at a time over the next month. I decided to start with the orange. I am going to TRY to make Em's baby food from fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables using the food processor. Hopefully I will be able to make a couple of large batches to last me until summer break, then I will have 2+ months to figure out a baby food makin' routine. Emma did ok with the carrots, there were a couple of gags, but then she realized that it was OK to eat :)
Bunny Toes
These jammies crack me up--they also keep Emma entertained. It is like she has puppets on her feet :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

And the Winner is...

Friday, I came home from work and was pulling into the driveway when I was startled by a "for sale" type sign in my yard. I was very confused by this and had to do a double take. As I got a bit closer, I noticed that it was a Yard of the Month is an honorable mention, but we are recognized none the less. Upon reading what the sign was for, I busted out laughing---not because I do not think our yard is beautiful, but because we are receiving the accolades for something that we have not had a hand in (literally). This may be the only time that we get this award, because T and I have been trying to figure out what all the different types of plants are and how to take care of them. Travis decided that he liked mowing the other yard better because this one has too many curves and things to mow around. So...we will ham it up for now and try to live up to the expectations one has for a Yard of the Month. Hopefully--we will learn a bit more about landscaping and what plants/flowers go where and we will one day--RIGHTFULLY--become the proud recipient of a piece of yard art that we can brag about...even if it is only for a month!