Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This is where it all began 7 1/2 months ago! Trav has been a WONDERFUL father to Emma G! I cannot put into words how I feel when I see them together--giggling, cuddling, learning, smiling. T has always been a very hands on father (minus poopie diapers), but he has been even more involved as Emma grows up and starts to interact more. I can see that he truly enjoys being a dad and gets a kick out of Emma's antics :)
Yesterday we were able to visit with Trav's mom, aunt and uncle. We had a great time catching up and they had a fantastic time playing with Em and seeing her new tricks. Today we had my parents, grandparents, and sister's family over for lunch. We got to celebrate a full house of fathers. Here are some pics from T's first Father's Day.
Lela, Mia and Emma makin' a train. Emma obviously did not grasp the idea of the train, but did have fun being rocked back and forth by my mom and Mia.

Emma's closet has turned into a secondary playroom. She has a couple of toys and books in her closet b/c of space, I have a vision to paint the walls with windows, flowers, etc and make this Em's special place. I have a friend who's daughter has a closet in her grandma's house and it makes for the BEST hiding place/special play area. So...I am working on it for Em. As you can see...Em and Mia already enjoy hanging out in her closet. It is soooo strange to watch them interact and play with one another---my baby is growing up and is wanting to play side by side with Mia. Em is lucky to have a cousin that is so loving and caring.
Em's schedule has been WAY off the last couple of days---late nights running errands, guests, etc.---so her naps and feeding times have been a bit messed up. I knew Em was tired today (around lunch) but wanted to try and get a meal in there before she fell asleep. Well, she got through 1/2 a bottle and 4 or 5 spoonfuls before I saw the signs that sleep was right around the corner. Before I knew it, Emma's eyes were closed and she was out.
The reason that we had to lower Em's mattress in her crib. Thank goodness she did not think to flop over the edge.

New hair do---Em and I wanted to show off her new rocker do :) Trav was not impressed with the mohawk. I was just trying to see how long her hair is getting and after a couple of styles, this one stuck. We had to rewet it to get it to go back down. Em has been able to wear clip on bows---finally!!!!

We love you Trav! Thanks for such a great daddy to Em! It has been a joy to watch you in this new role over the last 7 months!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Much Anticipated Reunion and Introductions

Our friend Sara came down from Van Alstyne (north of Dallas) to visit her old stomping grounds and we got to spend time with her today. She brought her son, Sutton, and so we got to meet him and in turn they were introduced to Emma Grace. Sutton is about 1 1/2 months older than Em. We had a fabulous visit and caught up quite a bit. Another friend, Erin, also stopped by to see Sutton and Sara. The 5 of us had a wonderful time. I feel like I am able to keep us with Sara via blog entries, so I do not feel like we have skipped a beat! Sutton was a doll and such a trooper. Both kiddos were a bit off of their regular schedule (sutton out of his regular environment) and they did fabulous.

Sara---it has been too long...hopefully we can see each other again sooner than later!

Monday, June 8, 2009

7 months, 2 teeth, and MANY giggles

I know every mother LOVES her child---and I knew this fact going into the gig, but I do not think I realized how much I would TRULY enjoy my daughter. What an amazing job we have as moms and how lucky we are to have the opportunity to help mold a little person into an adult and watch for a lifetime as the story unfolds. We are just in the first couple of chapters in Emma G's life, but my has been wonderful so far!!!

Emma is now 7 months old (as of the 5th), has 2 teeth (which we did not lose sleep over---whew!), is becoming a whiz at this crawling thing, LOVES the swimming pool, laughs often, loves much, is little daredevil, and a big sweetheart. I have said it since she was a day old, but it is still true---She makes my heart melt!!! Travis and I are blessed to have Emma G in our lives!!

Here are some recent pics.

This is how I found Emma the other day when I went to go and check on her during her nap. She was sound asleep (was not suffocating) and was not happy when I peeled her off the bumper to lay her on her back.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!!

Swimming pool fun. Emma loves the water. We are looking forward to many, many visits to the pool this summer.