Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Updates

I have not done a great job of posting...again :( I decided to post A LOT of pictures in hopes of catching up. One thing that I have realized, yet again, is that I need to take more pictures WITH my pumpkin. I have very few pictures documenting my presence at all of these events in her life. I always have the camera in my hand and I need to do a better job of passing the camera over to Trav and let him do some of the shooting.

Emma riding her first pony at the Rodeo. This pic is a bit out of order b/c it came off of T's phone. The rest of the rodeo pics are further down.

Emma and Mia playing with the hammock at my parents' house. They ALWAYS have such a great time when they are together!!!


Em LOVES relaxing in the hammock!!! There were a few times that I thought she was falling asleep.

Emma thought she would drive the truck. By the time they got around the yard, Mia had taken over the wheel (while still sitting in the passenger seat). I am guessing Mia was not happy with Em's driving skills :)

A visit to Lela and Papa's house is not complete without a fish feeding :)

I LOVE this picture. It reminds me of my dad and I when I was a little girl. I used to love to follow him around. Emma was hunting for dandelion puffs to blow.

If you look closely, you can see the seeds swirling around the girls.

Em and Mia were snooping in Lela's bathroom cabinets and found a shower cap. Emma thought it was hilarious! All the adults got a good laugh as Em came walking in the room.

She looks so content. She was at a birthday party at Kiddie Acres---a little tykes amusement park.

My...what BIG feet you have :) Trying on her daddy's shoes.

Em and T riding the carousel at the Rodeo.

The girlies at the Rodeo :) The older Em gets, the more fun it is to watch them interact!!!

Guys and Dolls...walking to the rides @ the Rodeo.

Emma watching the Swine Races at the Rodeo. It looks like she is betting $ on her favorite pig to win.

Petting zoo at the rodeo. Em hugged each animal good-bye as we left :) She REALLY like petting all of the animals.

Watching the acrobats on the horses.

I just love that smile!!!!

Landry and Emma

"Fishing" after feeding the ducks with Landry.

Follow the Leader...Duck Style :)

At the park with friends.

Landry and Emma taking a peek into the cottage that is closed for renovations.

Happy Girl!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is the video that Trav received from us on Sunday. He was up at school prepping for TAKS and Em and I were hangin' at Lela and Papa's house (my parents). Em has been using the toilet (regularly) for a while now and we are starting to move full steam ahead with potty training. We went to the store and bought her first pair of panties---she picked Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell. She was in her panties for about 2 hours and stayed dry the whole time. YAY, Em!!!

Something that I think is funny about our potty training experience is that Em has been going on the regular toilet, but sits backwards. We have skipped the small potty altogether---which I LOVE. It was a tip that her sitter gave us and it has worked beautifully!!! She straddles the toilet seat and is able to feel more stable instead of feeling like she is going to fall into the water down below. She has been managing to hoist herself up, scoot to the center and take care of business. It is really quite funny, but not something that I thought needed to be shown (nor did I think you wanted to see) on the blog :) Hopefully, she will transition into using the toilet, facing forwards, just as easily as she got used to sitting like a cowboy!