Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is the video that Trav received from us on Sunday. He was up at school prepping for TAKS and Em and I were hangin' at Lela and Papa's house (my parents). Em has been using the toilet (regularly) for a while now and we are starting to move full steam ahead with potty training. We went to the store and bought her first pair of panties---she picked Hello Kitty and Tinkerbell. She was in her panties for about 2 hours and stayed dry the whole time. YAY, Em!!!

Something that I think is funny about our potty training experience is that Em has been going on the regular toilet, but sits backwards. We have skipped the small potty altogether---which I LOVE. It was a tip that her sitter gave us and it has worked beautifully!!! She straddles the toilet seat and is able to feel more stable instead of feeling like she is going to fall into the water down below. She has been managing to hoist herself up, scoot to the center and take care of business. It is really quite funny, but not something that I thought needed to be shown (nor did I think you wanted to see) on the blog :) Hopefully, she will transition into using the toilet, facing forwards, just as easily as she got used to sitting like a cowboy!