Sunday, August 22, 2010

Read, Read, Read!!!

Emma LOVES books---I have posted this numerous times. It has put many a smile on my face when I see her "reading" to herself. I get a kick out of her retelling a story she has heard MANY times, or requesting books by their title---and rejecting those books she does not really want to hear. I have decided to put a basket of books next to her carseat, because she loves "reading" in the car. When she reads, she does not just flip through the pages, but she studies each one before she goes on. One of my goals for her is that she is a READER...that she devours books and that she knows what it is like to truly get lost in a story and not want it to end. Travis is not a book reader---more like a TIME magazine, Sports Illustrated, newspaper reader. I am the book reader. I LOVE having the book in my hand and turning each page, I can't wait to finish books so that I can start on the next one on my list, I can sit for hours...and hours reading, and find a certain calm and excitement as I enter a book store or a library. I wish this for Emma, too!
We have started going to the library to pick out books every couple of weeks. She does not quite get it yet, but I am sure she will soon enough. The Round Rock Library has a toddler area with shelves of board books. They are in no particular order and I can just let Emma loose and not worry about books being put back in the wrong place. Emma sitting outside of the library with her choice of books.

She could not wait to crack open one of her books. After I got her buckled in, she dove right in.

Notice the slight head/eye movement.

Oh...back to the other page to get another look before she turns the page.