Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

 We went to Trav's parents' house in Moulton to celebrate Easter with them on Saturday.  The Easter Bunny found Em in Moulton and hid some eggs.  She had a wonderful time finding her hidden treasures. 

 Sunday morning, she got up to find that the Easter Bunny had also visited our house.  After digging through her Easter basket, she ran out into the backyard to do some egg huntin'.

 This picture makes me laugh b/c she is stretching pretty far to get to the next rock in our flower beds.  There was definitely an easier way to get the hidden eggs!!!
 Chocolate for breakfast...
 Sweet, sweet, girl!!!

We headed to Georgetown to eat lunch with my family.  I am going to give fair warning right now...I took A LOT of pictures.  The weather was gorgeous and I guess I was feeling motivated :)
 Goin' on a butterfly hunt...they caught one :)

 Hungry guy!
 Gigi and Dad

 Goodness...more chocolate???

 Davin was taking my Dad's pecan picker and stealing eggs from their girls' baskets that were in the trunk of the jeep.  He got quite a few before they noticed what was going on.
 Charlie's first ride in the jeep.  Mia did a good job driving carefully with the precious cargo!

 Charlie and Max
 The Motals
 The Fillpots
 Lela and Papa with their grandkids
 The Pattons
The evening ended with a friendly game of soccer...Daddies vs. Daughters.  I am pretty certain that the Daughters won :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hungry Little Caterpillars

Last year we watched the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly and ended up with Manji the butterfly.  This year we have TWO caterpillars that we get to watch transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.  They are pretty different in size.  Emma named them, but I don't remember their names b/c they were pretty crazy.  I am pretty sure she does not remember their names either.  We will rename them and put it in the next post.  This year, I will do a better job of documenting the different stages...I hope :)

Meet Lahlo

Do you remember this guy?  Emma's new pet fish, Lahlo.
When we got home from the rodeo, Travis and Emma spent time getting Lahlo's home ready for him. 
 All set, now all we need to do is add a fish.
 Emma trying to catch Lahlo.  I was holding my breath, hoping that she would not squish him.

 Home at last :)
Emma needed to get a closer look.  

Rodeo 2012

We invited Mia, Camie, and Charlie to go to the Rodeo with us over Spring Break.  We had a great time!!!

 Hmmmmm...don't touch OR feed the animals.  I do believe Emma did both in the previous 2 photos :)  I did not read the signs very well.

 Pig Races 
 Headed to the fair!!!
 Gettin' sleepy!!!
 Travis had 1 ticket left--not enough to ride another ride and Trav did not want to spend any more money to get more tickets.  So...he decided to spend the ticket to try and win a fish...only he did it KNOWING that he would he would not likely get a fish.  He was wrong.
 Now Emma is the proud owner of a new goldfish.
Meet Lahlo...where does she come up with these names????