Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Play Date with Landry

 We set up a play date for Landry and Emma over Spring Break.  We started out at a toy store that had some bubble fun scheduled.  They had kids creating bubble art with colored bubble solution.   

 Even Krista had some fun with bubbles :)

 Who needs paper???  Landry was a bit more creative with his bubble art :)

After the bubble fun, we decided to head over to the new All Abilities Park in Round Rock.  It is fantastic and the kiddos AND Krista and I had a great time!  We will definitely be going back!!!

 Emma found this pink unicorn.  She no longer wanted to play with anything else. 

 The park has a sections with different community buildings, such as HEB, a school house, a library, and an automotive shop.  They had a dash in the automotive shop that kiddos could "fix". It looks like Emma was trying to hotwire this one :(
Thanks for hangin' out with us Landry and Krista!!!  We had a great time!