Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have been officially done with the Couch to 5K program for a few weeks.  I am still running and still enjoying it.  Saturday, I ran 3.5 miles in about 35 minutes.  I am not going to win any races with that time, but my speed is improving each time I run and my goal really isn't to win the race...just finish it!  I like pushing myself to go just a BIT further each time and so far my legs have met the challenge :) 

My new running gear:
1)  GPS app on my phone that has helped me track my time/mile and map my running route...which I LOVE.

2)  Nike Running skirts...I think they are FANTASTIC and cute!!!  Bonus:  I got them on sale for $16 vs. their normal $45 price tag :) and no more shorts riding up during the run!!!  

Ah-ha moments while running:
1)  MUST expell all urine from bladder before going on a run!!!  2 miles from my house I had the AWFUL feeling that if I kept running, I may most certainly would wet myself.  I decided to call Trav to come get me.  Not my proudest moment!  He told me, "Patton, you can't swim out into the middle of the ocean without being able to swim back!"  My friend pointed out that you can pee in the ocean without people noticing!  Very true!  He did come get me and did not give me TOO much grief :)

2)  I LOVE running to the Jack Johnson Pandora station!!!  I tried all sorts of up beat, hip hoppy, rap-like music, but Jack (and similar artists) make me happy...when I am happy, I think I am in a better place to push myself.

3)  I am amazed about how quickly my body has adapted to this running thing!!!  2 months ago I was struggling with running for 45 seconds with 90 second walk (repeated for 20 minutes) and now I can run for 35 minutes straight and be happy afterwards.  Can't wait to see where I end up!

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

The three of us decided to make our way to Zilker Park for the 84th annual Kite Festival.  We thought Emma would love seeing all of the different kites and the weather was GORGEOUS!!! 

Emma got to make her very own kite.  You can tell she was thrilled!!!
She had to move through the various stations where the supports were added, the strings where added, and finally...
the kite tail :) 
Travis doing a little kite coaching.

and Away!!!
Pure Joy!!!

Emma's kite joined the rest of the kites in the beautiful, blue sky.
She could have done this all afternoon, BUT there was a porta potty string accident and it wasn't a hard decision to let the string stay just where it was dropped!!! :(   So, we will have to go get some more string and continue flying another day.
Amy's was the perfect distraction from the lost string!!!
Good 'til the last drop :)
 The Kite Grave Yard
Great fun had by all!!!