Thursday, September 24, 2009


So much has been going on lately in Em's world! She has figured out how to stand up from a sitting position and is not longer relying on the furniture or walls to stand up. Her primary mode of transportation is walking. If she falls, she just gets right back up and starts walking again. Last week, after a fall, she would have crawled to her destination. Em is also mimicking words and sounds. "Uh-oh" is said quite frequently. She meowed at our cat today---stinkin' hilarious! Everyday is a new adventure! Loungin' and reading the newest magazine :)
Trav was determined to get Em to wear his camo hat.

Bodhi has figured out where the snacks are :)
I do not know who is having more fun with the toy...T or Em.

We have to keep an eye on her!

Chef or musician? I am going to bet on drummer :)

Cheese! Em has been enjoying her finger foods MUCH more than her mush.

My lil' Raider

Monday, September 7, 2009

10 Months Old

Emma turned 10 months old on the 5th. She is at such a FUN stage right now. I enjoy just sitting and watching her explore and play. I cannot wait to wake her up each morning, pick her up each afternoon, and cuddle with her each evening. I am pretty sure that she has me wrapped around her little finger--T would probably agree that he is wrapped up right there with me. I am ok with this fact for right now.
She found the kitty door that leads into our laundry room. I am waiting for the day that I find Em stuck in it---head first. She has a lot of fun pushing the door in and watching it swing back and forth. We have noticed that Em is a VERY curious kiddo---this may get her in some trouble later on.
How can you say "no" to this face and those baby blues?
Play time!
This picture reminds me of a first day of kindergarten pic. Emma looks soooooo BIG! What happened to my baby? :(
I may be able to save a bit of money and get my pedicures done at home. She seems like she knows what she is doing :)

Bodhi usually gets up and walks away from Emma. She may have pulled his beard one too many times. On this occasion, he was very patient with her for about 3 minutes, then he decided that he had had enough and he got up and walked away.

Em's confidence in her walking skills are growing. She is now pulling up on things, then walking to where she wants to go. She realizes that crawing is faster and still chooses crawling over walking when she gets super excited.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wonderfully Wicked Weekend!!!

T and I went to go see Wicked on Saturday. I did not know much about the story before we went, but I loved it! I laughed, smiled a lot, and even shed a couple tears :) Trav's mom came in to spend the night so we were able to stretch the night out a bit longer. Thanks, Connie!
T had made dinner reservations at a yummy restaurant before the show---great dinner, wine, AND dessert :) My evening could have ended there and it would have been perfect, but Wicked did not disappoint and made the evening that much sweeter!

Em and I cuddling on the couch before she goes down for the night. This is my FAVORITE part of the evening---partly b/c Emma NEVER used to cuddle with me at night, and partly b/c I know that it will not last forever. Travis laughs at me b/c I guess I always have a grin on my face when I am holding Em and she is snuggling.

Em turns 10 months old this Sunday, so I will give a more specific update on Em next week.