Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Day!

Our day started with an Easter Egg Hunt at one of our neighborhood parks, hosted by our neighborhood association. It was a lot of fun and was wonderfully organized by age groups. It is pretty cute watching a crowd of toddlers picking up eggs.
Emma got a lot of candy that she will never get to taste.

Her basket filled up quickly!!!

Emma spent quite a bit of time after the hunt, trying to put the eggs back together again.

Then, we went to Northwest Elementary for the 50's themed Spring Fling.
I was manning the Toilet Toss game. Students got Tootsie Rolls and had to toss them into the toilet for a prize. Emma was trying it out. I hope she does not think this is ok for home :)

I don't know what T and E are doing, but I just really liked this picture.

Trav wanted to take Emma down the big, blow up slide. She wanted to keep going down it, but they were shutting down.

I wish we would have gotten a full length shot. All 3 of us were decked out in 50's costumes. It was fun, but we are tired after the Spring Fling, the Easter Egg Hunt, and Trav's Rockin' Hula Dance last night (pictures of Travis dancing on stage to come!). Thank goodness we do not have any set plans for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRthday Payton!!!

Emma went to a birthday party on Saturday. We had an UNUSUALLY cold and windy day---I believe it was around 40 degrees at the time of the party---located outside at a park. It was a farm themed party, complete with a petting zoo. We did not stay long b/c Emma was getting pretty cold and I wanted to leave before the meltdown :) This is the only picture I got from the party before my camera battery died--that is Em in the pink bow :). I did not even get a picture of Emma in her HOT pink cowgirl boots. Hopefully, Ashley did and she can share with me :) Here are more pics from the party...

Ok...did I mention that it also rained the night before and early that morning? I went to park on the side of the road and got a wee bit stuck :( Thankfully Ashley's husband, Jordan, and her brother in law, Patrick, were able to help me out!!! Thanks a million!

On the way home, my steering wheel started shaking after I hit 60mph. Hmmmmmm...Then it started shaking only when we accelerated over 60mph. We cleaned off the wheel and it still shook. I guess we need to take it in and see what damage I did with this muddy mess!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rodeo Adventures

Trav had the wonderful idea to take Em to the Austin Rodeo today. It was a beautiful day and we had A LOT of fun. Em was excited to see the carnival rides as we walked up!

Hello, Mr. Bull! "Cow, Cow, Mooooooo!!!"

This is her new cheesy smile. I think she is imitating our laughs. She makes a cheesy grin and makes noise at the same time. She is also starting to make this face when she is in front of the camera.

Oh, the germs.....eeeek. I guess she could be rolling around in much worse! She was loving the sheep. I was very anxious about her being soooooo close to all the animals. Her little fingers look like bites of food!!!

Do you think they will mind if I just pick him up and take him home with us?

Look, a baby goat!
Em liked the petting zoo. I was VERY surprised that she acted like it was a normal event in her day. She has been very shy with people lately and I kinda expected her to be skiddish with the animals---NOT SO :)

She got to listen to live music and get some foot tappin' in.


Watching Swifty Swine races. They had heats of 4 piglets racing around a track. Em thought it was quite entertaining.

The John Deere Tractor did not disappoint!

What a great day! Thanks, Babe for planning such a fun outting!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Visit with a Dear Friend

My dear friend, Jamie, was in town visiting her parents. We have been friends since elementary school...WOW! We do not get to see each other as often as I would like, but when we do get a chance to visit, it is always wonderful! My mom and I were lucky enough to be able to be able to fit in a girls' afternoon with the Evans/Baldwin women :) It was lovely to be able to catch up and relax as we watched the girls play. We had the best time with y'all!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Emma's New Look...Polka Dots

Emma's viral infection has left her spotted. The doctor anticipated that this would happen when her fever broke and it started around her face yesterday afternoon. This morning it was pretty prominent on her back and neck and has started to go down her belly. The picture really does not do the polka dots any justice. She is truly spotted, not splotchy like the picture shows. Poor pumpkin! The doctor said it would last for 5 days or so. At least she feels great and is closer to her old self!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Emma has been sick for 3 days :( The doctor did not know what was wrong with her--he was thinking something viral. She was running temps of 102 and was happy just laying on the couch which is not like her at all. So, today is the first day that she is fever free from the get go. I am hoping we are all done with this and can enjoy our Spring Break
It was REALLY humid and rainy the other day and Em got curls. BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BOUNCY curls.


Bunny ears, bling, and a bow...what else do you need to drive an ice cream truck? I bet the ice cream man would sell more ice cream if he looked like this!!!
Certainly this is not something I would encourage or even let her do on a daily basis, but it was comical at the time and the plastic is hard plastic (unlike a plastic bag). It was funny when she discovered she could see me if she looked out the end of the bag.
Bunny ears, bling, a bow and blocks...can you say FUN?!?!?

Chalkin' it Up

Trav came home the other day with sidewalk chalk for Emma. She really enjoyed testing it out on the driveway and we had fun watching her explore her artistic abilities. She thought they looked pretty great standing up in the crack.
She walked around for about 15 minutes with her chalk "purse".
So much fun...and a little bit messy :)
Such a wonderful artist at such a young age! Hee, hee!

The Pink Hat

Emma LOVES dressing up. She wants you to put bows in her hair, hats on her head, costume jewelry on her wrists, and fancy sunglasses are a plus! This pink hat is one of her favorites. The pink hat definitely makes the story better!!!

The pink hat also makes watching Andy Pandy more fun!