Sunday, October 31, 2010


Emma Grace was a kitty cat this Halloween, but she was ALMOST a baby in a diaper :( As we were trying to CONVINCE her that it was a good idea to put on her cat costume, I could taste defeat!!! Emma was pretty sure that putting on the outfit that Mommy had picked out was a bad idea!!! But...somehow we convinced her that being a kitty and getting candy was great.

She wanted white on her chin and green on her cheeks. I said ok to the white on her chin, but put my foot down on the green cheeks :)
We practiced trick-or-treating at our house. Daddy gave Emma her first piece of Halloween candy.

Our neighbor's daughter had a pretty creepy and clever costume!

Our neighbor's son went with Emma to her first house to show her how it was done :) Thanks, Tyler!!!
Mmmmmm...I like this Trick-or-Treating thing!!!!

Emma liked the decorations that she saw as she trick or treated!!!
These ladies could not get enough of Emma!!!

Emma could not get enough of their bats!!!

This guy had an INCREDIBLE set up!!!! Emma heart was POUNDING as we walked up to his front door. His door was opened and a lifesize zombie was creeping on his floor. He definitely out did himself!!!
One of the culdesacs had a bounce house. Emma thought it was a GREAT idea until she got inside and saw the ladder for the slide. She turned around and told me that she wanted out.

SO MUCH FUN!!!!! She said Trick-or-Treat and Thank You at every house!!! Great Job Emma!!!
I questioned the owner of this house about the Red Raiders RIP sign.

All in all....this was a VERY successful Halloween!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to get some pumpkin pictures. It was A LOT easier to get Emma to pose for pictures last October!!! It is easier for her to get up from posed positions and she is definitely more verbal about not wanting to sit for a picture. We still had a lot of fun though!!!! This is the pumpkin that Emma picked out to take home. It was a perfect size for our little punkin :)

Emma was in awe of the giant pumpkin man!
Nothing like climbing over mounds of pumpkins!!! As I was taking pictures I was fearing that she would take a tumble or twist an ankle.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clowning Around!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Trav and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on October 14th. We decided to take a trip back to Wimberley where we were married and stay in a quaint little cabin in the hill country. The cabin was called Star Meadow and it was SOOOOO relaxing and had a BEAUTIFUL view! We both really enjoyed ourselves and had a lovely weekend!!! I got up to watch the sunrise on the first morning there and kept taking pictures every few minutes to get pictures of the changing sky. One of my pictures made me laugh. It looked just like a curly headed woman with lipstick on :)
I spent hours on this porch swing each day.
A good book+ pandora radio+coffee+warm blanket=
VERY RELAXING! There were huge windows throughout the house. I was outside watching the sunrise and this is what T was doing :)

Happy Anniversay!!! Thanks for the mini vacation!

The Hungry Caterpillar...Travis Style

Trav's school had a pumpkin painting contest. The rule was that it had to be a story book character. Trav and I discussed and discussed different characters/book titles that we thought would be fun to paint. I was having these discussions fully thinking that Trav would want me to do the painting. Trav is not usually known for being artsy :) So, after picking the book, T said he wanted to do the entire thing by himself. I stayed awake for a while thinking that he was going to ask for help, but he did a great solo job!!! I was VERY proud of him when I saw the finished product the next morning. Mornings are TOUGH for sweet Trav...this is a very FORCED smile!!!
He showed what the caterpillar ate on all 7 days.

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We find out tomorrow if Trav's pumpkin won first prize.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yippee Ki Yay

We were at my parents' house and Emma comes marching into the family room with my old cowboy boots on and was holding a wooden horse.

Emma and her horse riding off into the sunset :)