Monday, September 6, 2010

Odds and Ends

Apparently Emma's little green wooden chairs are not comfortable enough for her! She decided that her leather recliner would be a better choice and pulled it up to her table. I love that her ankles are crossed! I hate that her hair is in her eyes!!! Where is that bow? Ahhhh...relaxing and coloring in a comfy chair. She sat her for quite a while, stopping occasionally to gaze out the window.

Is she going to be a teacher?!?!? She loves drawing on her chalkboard.
Emma went to a birthday party this weekend. It was a pirate pool party. She had a lot of fun seeing some of her friends from Wanda's. These are 2 of the other kiddos at Emma's sitter's house. The 3 of them are within 4 months apart---Em being the youngest. It is funny to see them interact and order each other around.
We took Em to her first ballgame this summer. She was not particularly interested in the game, but liked the music and seeing the silly things happening on the field.